Feeling Smart & Being Digital: Embracing the possibilities of digital pedagogy in challenging times

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Jennifer Rowsell:
Feeling Smart & Being Digital: Embracing the possibilities of digital pedagogy in challenging times (Verum snjöll: Tökum tækifærum upplýsingatækni í skólastarfi opnum örmum á ögrandi tímum)

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In many parts of the world today, there are key differences between feeling smart and being digital in everyday lives versus feeling smart and being digital in formal schooling and in this talk I will address this increasing gap and offer ways forward as educators, policy-makers, and researchers face the challenges and possibilities of contemporary pedagogy. Rapid growth of digital technologies during the 21st century have paved the way for a transformation in children’s and youths’ digital play and learning, multimedia communication and new, multimodal literacies. Add to this conservative political movements sweeping across international contexts coupled with widening technological and financial disparities between high and low income families and there is a stark contrast between how people engage in digital practices competently and creatively and what schooling regards as achievement and twenty-first century pedagogy. Complexity and challenges demand pluralistic views and multidimensional approaches that lead to empowerment and competence – not in a neoliberal sense but in a grounded, local and lived sense. In this keynote, I will look across the landscape of digital literacy to address key differences in feeling and being smart within life versus feeling and being smart in school and then move into promising new trends in teaching and learning that address this gap and push for productive change. To do so, I will identify pedagogies of possibility within research and illustrate each one from research studies that I have conducted over the past decade.

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